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DECC has funded the Local Carbon Frameworks Programme in 2011 to enable a range of carbon reduction activities across 9 local areas covering many different activities. An Expert group led by Energy Saving Trust has been advising the Local Authorities involved, including reviewing data and tools that are available to support local carbon reduction. The expert group consisted of the Energy Saving Trust, Aether, Local Government Group, Carbon Descent, Ecolane, ARUP and the Carbon Trust. The tools are listed below. You can filter and search within the group of tools.

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The Expert Group has also compiled a directory of datasets that are useful for analysis of local emissions and for planning energy saving projects.  

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  • Enplanner
    developed by Carbon Trust

    Enplanner is designed to to allow developers and planning officers to meet local planning requirements for onsite renewable energy generation by sizing RE generation installations based upon the development's

    (2 Reviews) Enplanner

    VantagePoint - carbon scenario planning tool
    developed by Carbon Descent

    Carbon Descent VantagePoint is a tool for modelling carbon reduction scenarios over time. It has been designed specifically for local authorities to develop scenarios to inform climate change or similar

    (1 Review) VantagePoint - carbon scenario planning tool


    A tool that enables the user to define different scenarios and model policy interventions which then describes the resulting costs to the economy and carbon emissions impact

    (1 Review) DeCODE

    Low Carbon Designer

    A tool can be used by engineers developers planners and other interested parties. The tool will do an energy assessments for the input area and test the feasibility of CHP renewable energy and energy

    (1 Review) Low Carbon Designer


    This software is for use by anyone regularly doing CHP and local energy network feasibility studies for planning applications for single buildings to large developments; such as developers energy consultants

    (1 Review) EngineRoom

    LLAMA v6

    LLAMA stands for LCTP Local Authority Measures Analysis. It is an excel tool that allows the user to select their local authority area (top tier authorities within the South West in version 6 as reviewed)

    (1 Review) LLAMA v6

    Integrated Resource Management (IRM)

    A tool that uses the key indicators of energy waste and accessibiility to provide an optimisation guide for development/regeneration

    (1 Review) Integrated Resource Management (IRM)

    2050 Pathways Calculator
    developed by DECC

    The analysis in the 2050 Pathways Calculator allows people to explore the combinations of effort to reduce UK emissions while matching energy supply and demand. It shows that it is possible for the

    (1 Review) 2050 Pathways Calculator

    Zap carbon tool

    An online energy monitoring tool to allow groups of people (colleagues neighbours friends and so on) to share and compare energy saving information.

    (1 Review) Zap carbon tool

    developed by SEI-Y

    The Resources and Energy Analysis Programme - Use REAP to access data for a whole Local Authority or Region develop policy scenarios and model changes in the footprint of residents.

    (1 Review) REAP

    REAP Petite
    developed by SEI-Y

    The Resources and Energy Analysis Programme - Use REAP Petite to calculate the footprint of a community compare individual footprints in that community and make pledges to reduce the footprint.

    (1 Review) REAP Petite

    developed by LCWO

    Quicksilver is a household carbon footprint calculator which covers domestic energy travel and lifestyle in a greater level of detail than most other calculators. It provides a useful graphical summary

    (1 Review) Quicksilver

    developed by Marches Energy Agency

    WeSave is the free online carbon management tool which enables you to monitor your energy consumption and provides you with individually tailored recommendations on how to reduce it; saving you money

    (1 Review) WeSave


    ECORegion is an online software that calculates and projects energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions on a regional scale. Regions can be flexibly defined depending on the user's needs. A region

    (1 Review) ECORegion

    Defra's greenhouse gas conversion factors for company reporting
    developed by Defra

    These conversion factors are produced by the UK Government to help companies calculate greenhouse gas emissions from a range of activities including energy use and transport activities. These

    (1 Review) Defra's greenhouse gas conversion factors for company reporting


    A dynamic modelling tool that helps optimise CCHP design and can model a variety of low and zero carbon products to optimise size operation of generation plant. It is an expert design tool that would

    (1 Review) EnergyPRO

    Green Communities Action Planning Tool
    developed by Energy Saving Trust

    A tool for planning and evaluating community actions to reduce emissions - scenario analysis and case studies

    (1 Review) Green Communities Action Planning Tool

    CHP Size2
    developed by URS

    CHP sizing software for single building (no heat network calculation evident); A relatively easy to use piece of software that calculates payback for a variety of CHP sizes to optimise the correct size

    (1 Review) CHP Size2

    HEED Online 3

    Online application that allow users to access detailed information on energy efficiency of UK housing stock. Reports and maps can be generated to show data detailing the energy efficiency of dwellings

    (1 Review) HEED Online 3

    developed by Hurley Palmer Flatt

    Getting your wind energy project up and running is a lengthy process and can look daunting. This website makes it easier to work through the STEPS that need to be taken. Tackle the 9 STEPS and you will

    (1 Review) Energy4All

    IDeA Sustainable energy benchmark and toolkit

    This does not calculate emissions but is a practical tool primarily for use by local authority practitioners responsible for energy and sustainability. Review your local authority’s current performance

    (1 Review) IDeA Sustainable energy benchmark and toolkit

    London Planners Toolkit

    The toolkit aims to provide planners and developers with an overview of the renewable energy technologies and their costs an understanding of planning requirements and methods for meeting them and

    (1 Review) London Planners Toolkit

    Local Carbon Management Matrix

    The CSE Local Carbon Management Matrix enables LAs to make a qualitative self assessment of progress and next steps towards successful action to reduce carbon emissions in their area. This is done through

    (1 Review) Local Carbon Management Matrix

    The carbon trust carbon footprinting indicator / calculator
    developed by Carbon Trust

    Online calculator to help your organisation calculate its carbon footprint. The basic footprint indicator provides a rough estimate of your organisation's carbon emissions based on your company's energy

    StarStarStarStarStar The carbon trust carbon footprinting indicator / calculator

    Business carbon footprint calculator

    Semi online business carbon footprinting - designed to make business carbon footprinting easier

    StarStarStarStarStar Business carbon footprint calculator

    my herefordshire.com carbon footprinting

    A personal carbon footprint calculator which allows each person's account to be linked to their parish (within Hereforshire) so that parish averages can be calculated and compared. The calculator takes

    StarStarStarStarStar my herefordshire.com carbon footprinting


    Models the point of use emissions of various transport modes in operation to enable the impact of changes to transport infrastructure on carbon dioxide emissions

    StarStarStarStarStar IMPACT


    A tool enabling the user to calculate the embodied carbon associated with transport infrastructure from road to rail.

    StarStarStarStarStar CO2ST


    A tool that enables the user to understand the carbon emissions associated with Port design

    StarStarStarStarStar SuPort

    UNO 2010

    UNO2010 brings together information on individual homes from various sources into a single comprehensive integrated database. It is specifically designed for holding and managing energy data for large

    StarStarStarStarStar UNO 2010

    UNO 2010 Dataviewer

    UNO 2010 Dataviewer is a non-calculating version of the UNO 2010 software intended for smaller local authorities who may lack the resources to keep the database up to date or who only need to be able

    StarStarStarStarStar UNO 2010 Dataviewer

    Stock Assessor

    NHER Stock Assessor has been specially designed to help local authorities housing associations stock holders and consultants manage the energy efficiency of their housing stock and to meet all their

    StarStarStarStarStar Stock Assessor

    Parity Home2050

    Stock assessment service is designed to help housing investment managers who are considering large or medium scale low energy retrofit. It is designed to make use of existing data available from EPCs

    StarStarStarStarStar Parity Home2050


    Tool which supports organisations with large numbers of sites to prioritise investments in renewable energy and microgeneration. Clients provide a simple CSV file (format specified below) of site locations

    StarStarStarStarStar Encraft


    The tool is a customisable mobile energy auditing interface that aims to reduce audit duration and standardise information gathering whilst automatically producing a report with recommendations and

    StarStarStarStarStar BluePrint

    The Carbon Reduction Label

    Calculate the carbon footprint of your product or service to identify the areas of highest emissions and energy intensity throughout its lifecycle.

    StarStarStarStarStar The Carbon Reduction Label

    BEAT 2

    The tool is intended as a means of assessing biomass schemes by: 1. Providing a comparison of greenhouse gas emissions from the proposed plant and fossil fuel based plant; 2. Providing information

    StarStarStarStarStar BEAT 2

    Energy Analyser Tool

    The Energy Analyser tool helps you analyse your energy consumption energy cost and carbon emissions. The tool allows you to analyse variations in half hourly energy use and to identify periods of

    StarStarStarStarStar Energy Analyser Tool

    Local Authority Basic Carbon Tool

    This tool allows local authorities to assess the potential effects of transport interventions on carbon emissions in their area.

    StarStarStarStarStar Local Authority Basic Carbon Tool

    Emission Factors Toolkit for Vehicle Emissions
    developed by Defra LAQM support helpdesk

    The EFT toolkit allows the user to calculate vehicle emissions for multiple road links based on vehicle fleet composition traffic speeds and road type. EFT Version 5.1 allows the calculations of vehicle

    StarStarStarStarStar Emission Factors Toolkit for Vehicle Emissions

    Energy Saving Trust: Solar Energy Calculator
    developed by Energy Saving Trust

    The PV Calculator provides an estimate of potential earnings and savings from Feed-in tariffs for an area-based PV scheme. Available for download in Excel.

    StarStarStarStarStar Energy Saving Trust: Solar Energy Calculator


    Prognose helps you understand and control cost energy use and risk throughout the entire data center life cycle. Prognose allows you to design build operate and maintain your data center based on

    StarStarStarStarStar Prognose

    Low Emission Strategies

    There are three components to the toolkit: Technology Guidance: To compare low emission vehicle technologies - on an individual vehicle basis.   Fleet Tool: This allows a user to calculate

    StarStarStarStarStar Low Emission Strategies

    Greenhouse Gas Regional Inventory Protocol (GRIP)
    developed by Carbon Captured Ltd

    Provides the regions of Europe with a consistent methodology to produce an inventory of GHG emissions monitor them annually and compare themselves to other regions.

    StarStarStarStarStar Greenhouse Gas Regional Inventory Protocol (GRIP)

    STS Carbon Audit tool

    Enables local authorities and other organisations to assess their transport related greenhouse gas emissions. The fuel and vehicle emission modelling data for all travel modes is based on Defra &

    StarStarStarStarStar STS Carbon Audit tool