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Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE), University of Bath
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Professor Geoff Hammond, University of Bath, and Dr Craig Jones, Circular Ecology, have been working on a database to determine the embodied energy and embodied carbon of a large number of building materials since 2004. The database has been used to release the Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE). The Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE) has now been downloaded by over 15,000 people from around the world and has become a leading embodied carbon resource.

The ICE database is available as a free download, in excel format, from the Circular Ecology website, who now host the download file.


  • Function:
    • Life cycle assessment,
    • Guidance, guidelines and data resource
  • Sector:
    • Buildings: Individual,
    • Buildings: Group of,
    • Industry,
    • Waste, Water and Wastewater Industry
  • Target Group:
    • Environmental policy officers,
    • Product designer,
    • Planner / Policy Maker,
    • Estate/Facility managers,
    • Corporate operations,
    • Industry manager,
    • Procurement/purchasing,
    • Schools and Educational,
    • Individuals,
    • Community groups
  • Scope:
    • Emissions from all sources
  • Impacts Assessed:
    • Climate Change Emissions: Non CO2,
    • Carbon Emissions and Energy
  • Methodology:
    • UK: Defra GHG CRG,
    • PAS 2050
  • Where can the tool be used?:
    • UK,
    • Worldwide


  • Availability:
    • Online
  • Cost:
    • Free
Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE), University of Bath