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Automated Energy Management and Analysis for SMBs.
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EnergyElephant is an artificial intelligence platform for energy data. Our software can build an energy database, analyse the data sets and then derive insights into how the user can reduce consumption, cost and carbon emissions based on the data. It can process electricity, thermal fuels and transport fuels data and only takes a few minutes to set up.

By combining energy usage data with weather/climate, grid and building we can automatically give users insight into their energy usage, and provide suggestions on the best way to reduce their expenditure and energy usage.



  • Function:
    • Simple estimate,
    • Detailed annual assessment,
    • Footprinting of Events,
    • Monitoring and reporting,
    • Projections,
    • Weather Event Recording,
    • Risk assessment,
    • Guidance, guidelines and data resource,
    • Automatic data collection from meters
  • Sector:
    • Buildings: Individual,
    • Buildings: Group of,
    • Transport: Individual,
    • Agriculture & forestry
  • Target Group:
    • Environmental policy officers,
    • Fleet Manager,
    • Estate/Facility managers,
    • Corporate operations,
    • Non industrial SME manager,
    • Accounting Firms,
    • Procurement/purchasing,
    • Schools and Educational
  • Scope:
    • Direct emissions from site/area/activities,
    • Indirect emissions from electricity use,
    • Indirect emissions from other product use,
    • Emissions from all sources
  • Impacts Assessed:
    • Carbon Emissions and Energy
  • Methodology:
    • UK: Defra GHG CRG,
    • EEA/EMEP Guidebook,
    • US EPA,
    • Australian NGER framework
  • Where can the tool be used?:
    • UK,
    • Europe,
    • North America,
    • Australasia,
    • Central and South America,
    • Asia,
    • Africa,
    • Worldwide


  • Availability:
    • Free Basic Version
  • Cost:
    • €360 per year for Pro Version
Automated Energy Management and Analysis for SMBs.