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Listing over 500 green accounting tools, the Environment Tools Directory is the largest independent database of environmental software tools anywhere on the web.  Each of the tools is classified into a number of categories to help you find what you need.

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  • ClimateLinked
    developed by Carbon Registry Services (CarbonOps)

    Carbon management and reporting web-platform to ensure cost-effective compliance with your reporting scheme and effective internal carbon management. With Additional services available to ensure rapid

    (1 Review) ClimateLinked

    developed by ICLEI European Secretariat

    The SMART SPP LCC-CO2 Tool helps procurers requisitioners carbon managers and energy managers as well as political decision makers to calculate the real cost of a good or service and at the same

    (1 Review) SMART SPP LCC-CO2 Tool

    RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software
    developed by RETScreen International

    The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government industry and academia. The free software

    (1 Review) RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software

    developed by Energy and Technical Services Ltd

    e-Bench is a comprehensive energy & utility management system that combines targeting monitoring benchmarking and simulation within a single package. Recently ranked as one of the worrld's leading

    (1 Review) e-Bench

    CO2-Rechner PRO (in German)
    developed by KlimAktiv non-profit GmbH

    Smart tool for businesses willing to gain insight into their carbon footprint and the impact of their activities on the climate. The System provides a methodology to account for carbon emissions in

    (1 Review) CO2-Rechner PRO (in German)

    Footprint Reporter
    developed by Best Foot Forward

    Footprint Reporter is a quick and easy carbon footprinting tool to help organisations measure report and reduce their emissions. Sign up for free today at - Comply with government

    (5 Reviews) Footprint Reporter

    Comparing GHG Mitigation Efforts between Annex I Countries
    developed by IIASA

    IIASA has developed a coherent international comparison of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts among Annex I Parties in 2020. This web site provides interactive access to an on-line calculator underlying

    (1 Review) Comparing GHG Mitigation Efforts between Annex I Countries

    developed by EcoTransIT Consortium

    The Ecological Transport Information Tool (EcoTransIT) is an Internet tool that compares the environmental impacts of goods transported by different modes worldwide. EcoTransIT compares the energy consumption

    (1 Review) EcoTransIT

    VantagePoint - carbon scenario planning tool
    developed by Carbon Descent

    Carbon Descent VantagePoint is a tool for modelling carbon reduction scenarios over time. It has been designed specifically for local authorities to develop scenarios to inform climate change or similar

    (1 Review) VantagePoint - carbon scenario planning tool


    A tool that enables the user to define different scenarios and model policy interventions which then describes the resulting costs to the economy and carbon emissions impact

    (1 Review) DeCODE

    Low Carbon Designer

    A tool can be used by engineers developers planners and other interested parties. The tool will do an energy assessments for the input area and test the feasibility of CHP renewable energy and energy

    (1 Review) Low Carbon Designer


    This software is for use by anyone regularly doing CHP and local energy network feasibility studies for planning applications for single buildings to large developments; such as developers energy consultants

    (1 Review) EngineRoom

    LLAMA v6

    LLAMA stands for LCTP Local Authority Measures Analysis. It is an excel tool that allows the user to select their local authority area (top tier authorities within the South West in version 6 as reviewed)

    (1 Review) LLAMA v6

    CollectER III
    developed by TNO

    An emission inventory software system dedicated to national air emissions experts to create and regularly update an emissions inventory. Originally designed to assist countries to prepare emissions

    (1 Review) CollectER III

    Integrated Resource Management (IRM)

    A tool that uses the key indicators of energy waste and accessibiility to provide an optimisation guide for development/regeneration

    (1 Review) Integrated Resource Management (IRM)

    2050 Pathways Calculator
    developed by DECC

    The analysis in the 2050 Pathways Calculator allows people to explore the combinations of effort to reduce UK emissions while matching energy supply and demand. It shows that it is possible for the

    (1 Review) 2050 Pathways Calculator

    Zap carbon tool

    An online energy monitoring tool to allow groups of people (colleagues neighbours friends and so on) to share and compare energy saving information.

    (1 Review) Zap carbon tool

    developed by SEI-Y

    The Resources and Energy Analysis Programme - Use REAP to access data for a whole Local Authority or Region develop policy scenarios and model changes in the footprint of residents.

    (1 Review) REAP

    REAP Petite
    developed by SEI-Y

    The Resources and Energy Analysis Programme - Use REAP Petite to calculate the footprint of a community compare individual footprints in that community and make pledges to reduce the footprint.

    (1 Review) REAP Petite

    developed by LCWO

    Quicksilver is a household carbon footprint calculator which covers domestic energy travel and lifestyle in a greater level of detail than most other calculators. It provides a useful graphical summary

    (1 Review) Quicksilver