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Listing over 500 green accounting tools, the Environment Tools Directory is the largest independent database of environmental software tools anywhere on the web.  Each of the tools is classified into a number of categories to help you find what you need.

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  • ClimateLinked
    developed by Carbon Registry Services (CarbonOps)

    Carbon management and reporting web-platform to ensure cost-effective compliance with your reporting scheme and effective internal carbon management. With Additional services available to ensure rapid

    (1 Review) ClimateLinked

    developed by ICLEI European Secretariat

    The SMART SPP LCC-CO2 Tool helps procurers requisitioners carbon managers and energy managers as well as political decision makers to calculate the real cost of a good or service and at the same

    (1 Review) SMART SPP LCC-CO2 Tool

    Comparing GHG Mitigation Efforts between Annex I Countries
    developed by IIASA

    IIASA has developed a coherent international comparison of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts among Annex I Parties in 2020. This web site provides interactive access to an on-line calculator underlying

    (1 Review) Comparing GHG Mitigation Efforts between Annex I Countries


    A tool that enables the user to define different scenarios and model policy interventions which then describes the resulting costs to the economy and carbon emissions impact

    (1 Review) DeCODE

    CollectER III
    developed by TNO

    An emission inventory software system dedicated to national air emissions experts to create and regularly update an emissions inventory. Originally designed to assist countries to prepare emissions

    (1 Review) CollectER III

    2050 Pathways Calculator
    developed by DECC

    The analysis in the 2050 Pathways Calculator allows people to explore the combinations of effort to reduce UK emissions while matching energy supply and demand. It shows that it is possible for the

    (1 Review) 2050 Pathways Calculator


    ECORegion is an online software that calculates and projects energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions on a regional scale. Regions can be flexibly defined depending on the user's needs. A region

    (1 Review) ECORegion

    Local Carbon Management Matrix

    The CSE Local Carbon Management Matrix enables LAs to make a qualitative self assessment of progress and next steps towards successful action to reduce carbon emissions in their area. This is done through

    (1 Review) Local Carbon Management Matrix

    Energy and Environment prediction model
    developed by Cardiff Univ

    The Energy and Environment Prediction (EEP) model developed at the Welsh School of Architecture Cardiff University is an environmental auditing and decision making tool for use by planners in their

    StarStarStarStarStar Energy and Environment prediction model

    Carbon footprint calculator

    Home and business carbon calculators. Carbon offsetting can be purchased through the site.

    StarStarStarStarStar Carbon footprint calculator

    CLA CALM CALCULATOR for Land Managers
    developed by Country Land and Business Association

    CALM stands for Carbon Accounting for Land Managers. CALM is a web-based calculator designed by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) to help land managers work out the balance of greenhouse

    StarStarStarStarStar CLA CALM CALCULATOR for Land Managers

    IHS - EHS and Sustainability
    developed by IHS

    IHS has been helping organizations achieve their EHS and sustainability goals for decades with the most deployed enterprise software solution on the market. We are unique in our ability to bring together

    StarStarStarStarStar IHS - EHS and Sustainability


    Carbonflow’s technology is designed by market experts to precisely follow the project cycle of the Kyoto Protocol’s CDM projects: from project idea to registration and from monitoring to

    StarStarStarStarStar CarbonFlow

    UNFCCC CDM Tools

    Methodological tools used to calculate determine demonstrate estimate identify and/or test information as part of a project activity.

    StarStarStarStarStar UNFCCC CDM Tools

    Carbeion carbon intelligence

    Carbeion is a real-time net-centric carbon water fuel and energy intelligence system aimed at partnering with corporations to improve their carbon management. This includes user-friendly data acquisition

    StarStarStarStarStar Carbeion carbon intelligence

    Enablon Energy & Carbon Management Suite
    developed by Enablon

    Recently ranked as one of the world’s top ten Energy and Carbon calculation platforms* Enablon offers one of the world’s most complete flexible and user-friendly Energy and Carbon Management Software

    StarStarStarStarStar Enablon Energy & Carbon Management Suite

    developed by EnergyCAP Inc.

    EnergyCAP Inc. publishes EnergyCAP the best selling energy management software. With online and installed software for organizations of any size EnergyCAP delivers powerful energy and greenhouse

    StarStarStarStarStar EnergyCAP


    GreenQuest is your FREE personal energy information website that combines information on energy spending weather data greenhouse gas emissions and energy use for your building.With GreenQuest you

    StarStarStarStarStar GreenQuest

    SoFi Corporate Sustainability Solution from PE INTERNATIONAL
    developed by PE INTERNATIONAL

    SoFi - Corporate Sustainability Solution Latest version: 4.x All-in-one solutions. SoFi is PE INTERNATIONAL all-in-one solution for carbon management environmental management and sustainability reporting.

    StarStarStarStarStar SoFi Corporate Sustainability Solution from PE INTERNATIONAL

    VisionMonitor VM Predict

    VisionMonitor VM Predict enables a company to plan its compliance strategy and emissions portfolio by building what if scenarios to determine the opportunities to implement projects alter production

    StarStarStarStarStar VisionMonitor VM Predict