Our vision for this directory

The concept behind the directory is to bring together the increasing number of people needing to do some form of environmental assessment (and particularly quantification) with people that have developed tools to do these assessments and calculations.  These tools vary in format - documents, spreadsheets, websites and other software programmes. The directory will be a free resource for users and practitioners in business, Government, other organisations and the general public. 

Aether and ENDS

The Environment Tools Directory is presented jointly by Aether and ENDS.

Aether: Air Quality and Climate Change Emission Experts

Aether specialises in emission inventories and environmental data systems.  We are committed to bringing the best technical knowledge and data management to enable our clients to make the right decisions and to deliver exceptional services. 

Aether consultants have a wealth of experience and a strong international reputation in the field of emissions inventory compilation and review. We work for a wide range of organisations including the UNFCCC, European Commission, European Environment Agency as well as local and national Governments. Our services span planning, preparation, management and review of emissions inventories; data analysis; guidance; tool development and policy support. We also undertake air quality assessment work for property developers and planning consultants.

ENDS: Environmental data services

ENDS is a respected provider of independent environmental information to professionals in business and public bodies, including carbon and sustainability management. ENDS' main services are the ENDS report, ENDS carbon, ENDS Europe, the ENDS legal compliance manager, the ENDS Directory, ENDS job search and ENDS conferences.